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Alien RPG Heart of Darkness – EN


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Alien RPG Heart of Darkness – EN

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INTERFACE 3301 — WEYLAND-YUTANI — FROM NETWORKCOMCON NODE 1010141 — EIJA33477975MESSAGE BEGINS.NEW LIFE DISCOVERED. CLASSIFICATION, EXTREMOPHILE. SERVICES REQUIRED. CONTRACT FOLLOWS.AWAITING ACKNOWLEDGMENT…The company found a new lifeform, and they want you to study it. Their offer’s uncharacteristically generous—you catalog this organism, determine how they can use it, and bring it back so they can slap their patent on it. Fairly routine stuff. In exchange, they'll hook you up with a cushy corporate department head position, secure you a book deal, and make sure the institute of your choice gives you tenure. Did I mention the money? There’s a lot of it. Simple survey, sample, and analysis job. Seemed too good to be true.Of course it is.Heart of Darkness is a complete Cinematic Scenario for the official ALIEN roleplaying game, written by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska. It is a stand-alone adventure, but also serves as a conclusion to the Draconis Strain Saga begun in the cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods and continued in Destroyer of Worlds. The scenario is designed for 3–5 players plus the Game Mother, and is a spiraling descent into soul-crushing madness. This boxed set contains:• The main Heart of Darkness scenario book.• A huge double-sided map (format 864x558mm) of the Erebos plasma trawling space station.• Seven pre-generated characters to choose from.• Custom cards for secret messages and personal agendas.• Player maps and handouts. NOTE: The ALIEN RPG core rulebook OR the ALIEN RPG Starter Set is required to play Heart of Darkness.

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