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League of Infamy – EN


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League of Infamy – EN

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• League of Infamy is a dastardly dungeon crawler for up to five players. Take your pick from a rogue’s gallery of misfits,ne’er-do-wells and villains before embarkingon a disgraceful mission to sneak into an elven keep!• Play through a replayable narrative campaign to learn powerful new skills and hunt down valuable loot -which you’ll need to tackle the mighty bosses that stand in your way.• Includes two modes of play! In one-versus-many, you can step into the shoes of the courageous Keep Master to take on the Villains. Or play cooperatively against the AI-controlled Unseen Keep Master. Either way, you’ll find it’s good to be bad!• 6 playable villains, each with their own equipment and unique play styles• 29 defenders and their powerful bosses• 6 scenarios provide excellent longevity and replayability• 6 punchboard containing all game play tiles and tokens, thanks to the large gametiles the game can be set up in no time!• Campaign play and single player modes

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