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Malifaux 3rd Edition – Ancestral Icons – EN


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Malifaux 3rd Edition – Ancestral Icons – EN

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Slumbering Tyrants are awakening and grasping at power as the residents of Malifaux – Human, Neverborn, and Gremlin alike – stand in stubborn defiance against them. With streamlined rules and an intuitive new hiring system, there's never been a better time to cross through the Breach and into the world of Malifaux!Hate not the wickedness, but weakness, for it is not the corruption of power that threatens, but the corruption of the weak. Power may corrupt a few, but weakness will corrupt the many. Wicked as they may be to some, The Ten Thunders are anything but weak, having brought a crumbling slum to a thriving district by way of mind more so than muscle. With eyes and ears in every organisation this side of the breach, The Ten Thunders seek absolute control over Malifaux and will wait patiently like the mantis hunting the hummingbird, for their time to strike.Contains:1x Obsidian Statue3x Terracotta WarriorsMiniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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