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Stealing Stories for the Devil – EN


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Stealing Stories for the Devil – EN

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The perfect heist.Getting in, getting out. The disguises. The smooth talk and careful bluffs. The stealth, the hacking, and—when the moment requires it—the quick action. And above all, the beautiful plan, so carefully researched and crafted.Oh, you’re good at it. You and your friends, you do the impossible. It’s never as easy as it seems (not like it ever seems easy), but you pull it off—every time. And you look good doing it. Bond? Ocean? Neo? Yeah, they’re OK. You’re the real deal.Because you’re not just master thieves. You’re master thieves from the future. And better yet: you’re liars—a special kind of liar, a kind whose lies come true. When you lie to reality, you change it. A door where there wasn’t one before. A lock someone forgot to check. A fault in the camera wiring that kicks in at just the right time. If the mission isn’t going right, you fix it. You change the rules. You take control of reality itself.Someone else is telling lies, and they’re big ones. Like, end-of-the-world lies. Pushing-reality-to-the-breaking-point lies. Punching-holes-in-the-universe lies. It’s not clear who they are, what they want, or how they’re doing it, but if it isn’t stopped, it’s all over. As in, all over.Who’d have guessed you’d be the ones saving the universe? But hey, you always find a way to come out ahead, and this is no different. Because it turns out that each time you fix a little bit of reality, you get to take a touch of its essence for your own uses. Powerful stuff. Grabbing that juice? We call that…

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