Tome of Beasts (5E) Hardcover - EN


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Tome of Beasts (5E) Hardcover - EN

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A Horde of New 5th Edition Monsters! DM: A collection of hundreds of eyes floats down the corridor toward you, trailing ganglia and dripping caustic fluid that sizzles when it hits the ground. What do you do?" PLAYER: "I retire, and become a farmer." Whether you need dungeon vermin or a world-shaking personification of evil, the Tome of Beasts has it. Here are more than 400 new foes for your 5th Edition game?everything from tiny drakes and peculiar spiders, to demon lords and ancient dragons. Tome of Beasts includes monsters from the entire history of Kobold Press, with longtime favorites such as: Clockwork creatures Drakes and dragons Devils and arch-devils Dangerous flavors of the fey Undead-and much more! Use them in your favorite published setting, or populate the dungeons in a world of your own creation. Pick up Tome of Beasts and give your players an encounter they won’t soon forget!"

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